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March 27, 2024

Mixnpik beta release

September 15, 2023

Mixnpik beta release picks screen
Mixnpik beta release picks screen
Mixnpik beta release picks screen

We're excited to quietly announce that our flagship product, Mixnpik is in test in New Zealand. We will be running games with kiwi sports fans and adding further improvements to the fan experience over the next few weeks.


Mixnpik reconnects friends and family around sport. It's a little bit different to your usual fantasy and sports games in that it is a mainstream game for all fans, not just the geeks! It is driven by the stories and talking points that real fans are actually talking about and is made by some amazing creators with a sprinkling of AI.

We are still in development so look out for major releases and improvements over the weeks ahead.


The game has a few component parts:

  • We take the best talking points about your team or sport and gamify them with a real challenge.

  • These challenges might be a prediction, a poll or a trivia question.

  • You earn points if you're right - most of our questions are resulted live during the sports event.

  • There are leaderboards, achievements, prize games, fun games, series leaderboards, fan of the month, season rankings etc

  • You can follow other players, tap to compare your answers and much more.

Is it a news app? A game? A social app? No idea, but if you have an idea get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.